Hair-flinging, cake-baking, roller-blading nonsense… and that’s just for starters

Eurovision Song Contest

So then… semi #1 was a mixture of old Eurovision staples (eg. wind machine, key changes) and its fair share of the ‘what-the-hell-was-that?’ moments.


Some highlights:

  • Scruffy-bearded Latvians singing “Ask your mother how to bake that cake”
  • Lyrical genius from Iceland: “It’s not trigonometry / Inside we’re the same”
  • Terrible Albanian dad-rock guitar solo in an even terribler cream roll-neck jumper
  • Russian see-saw, Azerbaijani trapeze, Ukrainian giant hamster wheel…
  • A new take on Bucks Fizz-style disrobing: that Moldovan girl ripped her own hair off! Let’s hope it grows back by Saturday.
  • Montenegro‘s backing dancer: Swan Lake on roller-blades!

And…. a glimpse of Austria‘s bearded lady, whose entry we shall see in the second semi on Thursday.

Get the Lambrini in – I can hardly wait…








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