Eurovision – first semi of the week (snigger!)

For those of us of a certain persuasion, it’s like Christmas all over again. It’s camp and shiny and drinking games are virtually unavoidable.

Nowadays the spectacle of Eurovision has blossomed and grown into a week-long pagan feast. From today until Saturday, you’ll find it difficult to escape as it fills the BBC schedule every other evening in shiny two-hour blocks. It’s an embarrassment of riches! Or just an embarrassment, depending on your point of view.

Tonight is Semi-Final #1.

Last year, Ana Matronic joined Scott Mills as a presenter for the semi-final [both being ditched before the grand final in favour of the over-excitable drunkard Graham Norton]. Any concerns that American Ana wouldn’t ‘get’ the odd spectacle of Eurovision – and the contrary UK attitude to it (snooty yet affectionate) – were soon allayed: her comments were perfectly pitched between finely-tuned irony and wide-eyed wonder at the spectacle of it all. I especially enjoyed her building a collection of pretty boys as the nights drew on.

I’ve just seen that Ana isn’t part of the team this year, apparently relegated further to BBC’s Eurovision-themed pop-up DAB station, whatever the hell that means. That’s a shame – let’s hope her replacement Laura Whitmore can be half as entertaining.

OK Copenhagen, let the weirdness begin…

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