No Kate Bush tickets for me :(

Refresh, redial, refresh, redial…

I originally penned this post a week ago. It was supposed to celebrate my obtaining tickets to see Kate Bush in concert. Sadly, I was unsuccessful, trampled underfoot in the online stampede for tickets. I’ve been sulking ever since.


Reclusive Pop Genius WLTM fans. Can’t travel. Can’t accommodate.

Kate’s never been one to follow suit. Musically, of course, she is eccentricity personified, but her individual approach reaches further than that. She releases her albums sporadically – when, and only when, she’s ready. She doesn’t whore herself across the media in order to flog her wares. And, as any recent reference to Bush will insist on reminding you, she has only toured once: way back in 1979.


There was really no reason to think she’d ever decide to tour again. So it was a wonderful shock when she announced a series of live shows in London this summer.

Of course I booked the day off work. Of course I assembled an online team of like-minded souls desperate for a bit if Bush*. Of course, we never even got a look-in: available ‘green’ seats turned ‘red’ at an alarming rate, shutting out all those with a budget below three-figures within 5 minutes.

I guess I’ll wait for the DVD. At least that’ll cost less than 45 quid, and I won’t have to stand at the back of the room with a partially obscured view.

Of course, this isn’t a real tour, rather a residency at a single venue. The only travelling will be done by the punters, not Ms Bush herself. And it’s an interesting venue to choose. Legendary, even. It was here at the Hammersmith Odeon (as it was called then) that Bowie killed off his Ziggy Stardust character in 1973, with that infamous announcement: “not only is this the last show of the tour, it’s the last show we’ll ever do”.

After finally succumbing to the business of live performance for a few weeks, I do wonder whether Bush may “do a Ziggy” on her final night. It would be a suitably grand, iconic gesture. Then she could scurry back to the seclusion of her secret garden at Bush Towers, never to be seen again.

In reality, Kate has kept a relatively high profile over the years for someone so often labelled a recluse. She has actually released two brand new albums in the last nine years, as well as re-arranging/re-recording tracks from two previous albums on her 2011 release Director’s Cut. And she shows up occasionally at awards ceremonies, whether it’s to collect a South Bank Show Award for Best Album or a CBE from the Queen.

Here is my all-time favourite clip of Kate. It’s of her receiving the deafening applause of a loving audience at The Q Awards in 2001. Which she does, naughtily, with the words “oooh…. I’ve just come”.

Had I been one of the lucky few to obtain tickets to her upcoming shows, I might have reacted in the same way.


* I must be allowed one of these. Believe me, this post was wall-to-wall Bush** pre-editing

** OK, two

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